Aims & Objectives

Achieving Excellence, Inspiring Greatness, Motivating Youth to Lead and Serve!

National Aims & Objectives

The goals, founded primarily in the objectives of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. serve as our constant guides.

  • Jack and Jill of America, Inc. is a membership organization of mothers with children ages 2-19, dedicated to nurturing future African-American leaders by strengthening children through leadership development, volunteer service, philanthropic giving and civic duty.
  • To create a medium of contact for children which will stimulate growth and development.
  • To provide for children a constructive educational, cultural, civic, health, recreational and social program.
  • To aid mothers in learning more about their children by careful study.
  • To seek for all children the same advantages which we desire for our own.
  • To support all National legislation aimed at bettering the conditions of all children.
National Pledge
  • To support the Aims of the National Organization

"The Power to Make a Difference"