Community Service

Training our children to be servant leaders

We achieve the goals of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. through volunteerism – we serve to make a change. We actively engage in a coalition efforts and have several community service initiatives.

MLK Day of Service
Under the direction of our Program Chair, we kicked off the MLK weekend of service on Friday serving 42 underprivileged and homeless clients and 5 staff members lunch at the Jones Community Center.  Saturday afternoon we took over the Coats’ home and made “no sew” blankets for hospice patients of Journey Care.  There was lunch, a movie about African-Americans from 1948-1968 and much, much fellowship.  We wrapped up Monday morning once again putting together “no sew” blankets for Journey Care on-site in their office. We made over 30 blankets.  The Journey Care coordinator was so excited that they would be able to give patients such individualized patterns made with love. The events were attended by children from just about every group, Moms, two dads, and two guest mothers.  We were able to certify approximately 75 hours of service for our children.
Healthy Kids’ Plate Club

Our Healthy Kids Plate Program is a collaborative project with the Boys & Girls Club of Ford Heights to provide healthy food choices for children. In 2015 we received a grant from the Jack and Jill Foundation to fund this program. Weekly cooking classes are taught by Chef Kareem Roberts and assisted by volunteer members of our chapter.

Regional Day of Service

Mothers Flyer - Regional Day of Service-1

This year the Mighty Mid-Western Region launched the 1st Mid-Western Regional Day of Service. The Regional Day of Service was a day all 34 chapters in the Mid-Western Region came together and serviced the communities we live with one unified theme. In the Mid-Western Region our community service focus is “Breaking Down Barriers to Quality Education for Youth” and our regional day of service theme “The Gift of Literacy” embodied the spirit of Jack and Jill’s national focus on Early Childhood Literacy and the “Bedtime Stories” series. Our 34 Chapters were tasked to build a Milk Crate Portable Library and donate gently used and new Children’s’ books, educational games and videos for children and teens K-12 to give to local area children and teens. Mothers collected donated (new or used) K-12 books throughout the months of March-May. “Regional Day of Service ” book depositories were available at the mothers’ monthly general body meetings, teen meetings, and lead moms picked up book donations at the beginning of every group activity.

As mothers, we know the profound impact it has on our children when they can open a book, and read. We would like to assure that many more African American children have the same experience to enjoy reading.

For the last two years in May, chapters all over the Mid-Western Region have built portable milk crate libraries creating a reading corner in the community agencies where we live and serve.  In 2017 South Suburban Chicago Chapter hosted our milk crate library at the Chicago Heights Library. Several children walked away happy with gently used books!

"The Power to Make a Difference"